Friday, September 4, 2009

I just wanna take it off

Had a full day of cake decorating. Got out two hours earlier than last Friday, but still a pretty exhausting day. I made an ugly cake, a sexy cake, and a delightful cake. I really feel like that Lightening McQueen cake is an epic fail. I'm not very proud of it, but there wasn't much I could do about it. The perspective is all off. It's because of how I went about cutting it out. I was alone and I improvised. But, the mantra around there is, "if you'd been here, I would have done it your way" so that's kind of all I can say about this debacle. But then I moved onto the torso cake and my spirits were brightened. Pretty amusing to ice boobs. Not to mention to pipe up her bikini area. I had to laugh at the ridiculousness! But, at the same time, it made me grateful that we don't do nude cakes. That might be weird for me. The Yo Gabba Gabba cake I did was right up my alley. I'm becoming quite the expert on Hawaiian themed cakes and I really thought this one came out good. Every time I looked at DJ Lance's smiling face, I had to laugh. And, for some reason, this cake reminded me of my friend, Eavvon. Maybe it was because it was based off of a Sponge Bob cake the customers had seen online. I dunno! I feel like Eavvon might be proud to be on this cake with a hula skirt on! At least, I hope so...


Jamie said...

Yo gabba gabba is the best kids show.. Its so crazy, I hate that its not on more when I am forced to watch kids shows.
And you know what? DJ Lance reminds me of Eavvon all the time (eavvon if you're reading this, that is a good thing). So I don't think it was the Spongebob thing.. I think he just has essence of Eavvon

e. Styles said...

hahahahaha. A- i would never go with a subdued named like "Lance". DJ Walks, talks, kills: maybe- Dj Minnetonka, hellz yess- but lance is like DJ i don't give a shit.

That said- if i were ever to be immortalized in cake form/ frosting, that's still def what i'd look like, but my grass skirt would be ankle length-- i mean, its a kid show, have some decency and cover those ya-yas up!

that is all.