Thursday, September 3, 2009

Does whatever a spider can

Kristin and I had a pretty successful and easy going day today. Other than when Kathy came down to get a picture of a cake for this thing she was making (which she changed her mind on later anyway) and all the finished cakes were done by Kristin. It looked like I hadn't done shit. It looked like all I had done was begin this Spider-man cake. But on the contrary, I had iced all the cakes that Kristin was working on and I printed out all the scans for the scan cakes that Kristin did. All of my work went uncredited. It looked bad, though. But Kristin said that if Kathy had said anything, she had my back. Which is something important to have in a co-worker! Speaking of which, she's back in school and now won't be working Thursdays. I'm now the only one that works everyday. This is so backwards! The one that knows the least, works the most. I feel like I'm going to be taking the brunt of everything now. I guess I'll get better at my job, though. I'm just not looking forward to having so much on my plate, so to speak. Carpal tunnel, I'm coming!

ps. I'm such a boy. I think this is the coolest cake I've done so far! haha

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