Tuesday, September 1, 2009

An arm and a leg

Took Mr. Mo to the vet today. His days as Astronaut Mo should be over within the next few days. Didn't have the best time at the vet; as if we ever do. There's a new vet that works there now that I'm not that fond of. She always takes Gizmo out of the room to treat him. I hate that. Our usual vet never does that. Be that as it may, she said he has fleas, which is quite a shock considering I've given him a flea bath once a week for a few weeks now. Not to mention that every time I check him for fleas, I can't find ANY on him. I don't get it. But she gave me a slew of things to give him including antibiotics for his infected back. He's an expensive dog, lemme tell ya. It wasn't a cheap visit. A healthy visit would be a minimum of $40 so it cost that and then some. Little jerk face. But like my mom said, he's worth it.

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