Friday, August 7, 2009

What kind of cakery is this?

Busy day at the candy shop. I started the Princess cake on Wednesday, but due to airbrush malfunctions, I wasn't able to finish. Sometimes when you're using the airbrush, it splurts out some water and Ariel looked like she got shot in the face when it splurted while I was coloring her hair. This made my life a lot more difficult in that I had to then fill in their faces with flesh colored icing to cover up the gun wound. Took a long ass time, but it was worth it. I turned out looking pretty good, I think. I got to learn how to make roses which was useful later on in the day when I made the Roses birthday cake. And for the twin's birthday cake, I got to try my hand at using the scanner. I think everyone should request scanned cakes. They're cheaper and hella easy!

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