Monday, August 31, 2009

It's Me Against Wachovia

When I heard that Britney was taking "Circus" on the road I pretty much resigned myself to the idea that I would not be able to attend. I was wrong. I've been blessed with a magical fairy that has bestowed tickets to see the show TWICE now. The first being up at the Meadowlands and now again in the not so friendly Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. Both shows were tremendous! Although this one would have trumped the last if the Wachovia wasn't full of jerks and life wasn't trying to fuck up our night.
Traffic was terrible. Too many people trying to go to two different stadiums (Phillies game and Britney show respectively). It was pandemonium! We weren't too worried since there was supposed to be two opening acts. The show was scheduled to start at 7pm and we arrived only a little after 8pm. Well, apparently someone canceled and when we arrived I could hear Radar playing! So, we ditched our plans to get drinks and go to the bathroom and ran to our seats; which were AWESOME! It was a really awesomely, splendid good time. The pictures do no justice!

After the show ended way too soon, we attempted to get some souvenir cups. DENIED. Last time I attended the show, I was extremely poor and unemployed so I went home empty handed. This time I was determined to go home with a little something. Nothing crazy. Nothing over $10. So, we swam our way over to the merch stand and I spied a sweet poster. The line was ridiculous so we went around to see if any of the other stands were a bit less swarmed. All of the others didn't have any posters so we went back to the massive line. As we made our way up, I got the sinking feeling that they were going to sell out just before I got to the cashier. Unfortunately, my sinking feeling was absolutely dead on! The guy RIGHT in front of me got the last one! I was so gutted! But I was determined! I asked the cashier man if I could just have the display one. He said it was ripped. I said I didn't care. He said if I sold it to him, I might bring it back and complain and he'd get in trouble. I said I wouldn't do that. He said it wasn't for sale. I said I didn't want anything then. WHAT KIND OF SALESMAN IS HE?! A bad one. That's what. UGH. And thus, in the end, I was practically FORCED to take home a piece of trash and a bootleg shirt. I'm still kind of perplexed at the event staff and their opposition to selling to customers, but it was still a really fun night. Gets me super stoked to see Kylie in October!!

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Jamie said...

your pictures are so awesome, i wanna see the rest if you ever upload em.

and everyone trying to sell shit at the wachovia center should just smack themselves in the face. i STILL can't get over the cup lady, and it's been over 24 hours!