Friday, August 21, 2009

Stupid broken comma button

Learned how to do "summer flowers" and got a lot of practice making roses roses and more roses.

I'm really proud of how the "Dragontails" cake came out. I'm not great with the airbrush but I think I did a pretty good job on this one. I don't really know what Dragontails is but she's cute. Kind of looks like she has to pee. Hope Vanna Vegas liked it!

After work Jamie and I hit up the biggest party in town; the premiere party of 1969 GAP jeans! There was music in the air (provided by a boy; his voice; and his casio) and delish snacks on a table. Free cheese! Free fruit! Free candy! AND free cupcakes! Not to mention free water!

The premiere jeans on the other hand... not so free. And not as great as advertised. Not accurate sizes. Too big in the hips and legs to be true size 25. I was very disappointed. The sizes keep getting bigger and bigger. Children's clothes are what petite clothing used to be. It's a sad reflection of the nation's obesity enabling. Somehow sizes are growing with people rather than people outgrowing sizes.

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Jamie said...

i think i know vanna!!!! how many vanna's can there be in millville, ya know? If i do know here, she's a sweet kid, i'm sure you made her really happy!