Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just another manic Monday

Finally got around to getting over to my grandmother's old house to mow the lawn. It was getting a bit out of control and my family would not get off my back about it. So despite some uncomfortable conditions, I set out to get it done. I always fill the tank up with gas before I get started, but for the first time, I ran out mid mow. It just suddenly stopped. At first I thought I stalled it, but then, considering how old it is, I thought it died. I hoped and prayed all the way to the garage that that wasn't the case. I was lucky and it started right back up after a fill up! Later I stalled it right at the side of the road and had quite a time of getting it unstuck and restarted. More panic ensued, but, again, I lucked out. Lots of mishaps, even more grasshoppers later, but at least it's done.

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