Saturday, August 8, 2009

Carpel tunnel from a cake

When I began my day, I realized the toll the day before had taken on my hand. My thumb muscles on my right hand are so sore. Squeezing the icing bags all day long makes my whole hand feel arthritic. Which leads to me feeling just that more frustrated when I have to re-do sections. Especially when I'm re-doing something because I was following the instructions of someone and then told to change it by Kathi (my boss; not the same Cathi as the birthday cake featured haha). It's hard to keep everything straight in my head without trying to sort through the contradictions. Be that as it may, it's alright; I do enjoy it despite the frustrations. After all, every job has those. But I hope I'm not going to get carpal tunnel from cake decorating. Think of the irony..

p.s. Doesn't my "13" look like School House Rock lettering? I didn't do that on purpose and that child probably hasn't hear of School House Rock, but I had to laugh.

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