Sunday, September 20, 2009

JeNell & the Yets jam on the lake

Jam on the Lake 2009 was welcomed with sun, sun, sun! Made for a really fun day despite the bees and low flying planes. We played a set around 2:30 despite some technical difficulties and were well received. A gig where we actually sell CDs! Imagine! Not to mention that throughout the rest of the day people were stopping me to tell us they enjoyed us. It was definitely a good atmosphere. We nearly didn't play this gig; glad we decided to do so. If we hadn't, we never would have been on the coolest hippie bus ever! Not only was Bono himself on that very bus (while filming his scene in "Across the Universe"), but it's also just a very awesome psychedelic bus. Fully loaded with beds, umbrellas, and a sweet antique typewriter; not to mention a super cute puppy dog! We took lots of photos in that bus. We must have looked like huge Bono fans. We were more "cool hippe bus" fans, really. No offense, Bono. I do love your work! Just not in that movie. Not that I saw that movie. I digress, it was a fun day in the sun! I want to have more of them! Stay away cold weather! I'm not ready for you!

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