Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday night lights

Worked a half a day on Friday; went in at 5pm. Wasn't quite a half day in reality since I wound up working til 12:30am anyway, but it was definitely better than coming in at 10 in the morning and doing cakes all day!

Despite my half day status, as you can see, a lot of cakes were done. And not just any cakes, these kind of cakes are the kind we call "projects". These were the cakes that Cathy was going to work on, but was unable to due to personal tragedy. So, they would have been even better had she done them, but I tried my best.

Kristin fell in love with my fish. It came out a lot cuter than the picture. The picture I was working from was of a fish that looked a lot more realistic (probably because it was one Cathy had done!) and mine is adorable. Oh well!

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