Saturday, September 19, 2009

Apology accepted, Captain Needer

Fridays are always destined to be terrible for me lately. I thought it would be a good day since we had so little work left to do, but somehow work was found! The baby cake I had done the day before was vetoed by Cookie, Head of Quality Assurance. And, fair enough, it didn't match the picture perfectly and I despite being frustrated at having to start from scratch on such a detail oriented cake, I was alright with doing so. I wasn't, on the other hand, okay with being told in such excessive detail all of the reasons why I had to re-do it. If they wonder why Cookie has made employees cry in the past, that would be why. It teetered on just cruelty. Unnecessary cruelty. But, I'm not the crying type. I've got too bad of a temper for that sort of fuckery! When she told me at the end of her schpiel to "not take it personally", I simply said, "I just don't need to have things explained to me in such grand detail." She chuckled and patted my shoulder. I wonder if she felt how tense with anger I had become by that point. Annoyance aside, I re-did it with a lot of helpful points from Cathy and then we cleaned up and were basically done by 3. So, alls well that ends well I suppose!

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